Crocodile consumption craze caused by peak pork product costs

Marie Antoinette was famously attributed (or probably misattributed) as commenting, when the people did not have any bread to eat, “Let them eat croc!” Er, or one thing like that. But Sale ends soon of Thailand have taken it to heart; as pork prices surge throughout the nation, many have turned to eating crocodile as an alternate supply of meat.
The pig price premiums are the results of the controversial unfold of the African Swine Fever that has led to pig shortages and, in flip, pork shortages. And when (the price of) pigs fly, individuals turn to various sources of meat and protein. Enter crocodile, the “pig of the swamp” (as no one calls it).
A submit on Facebook Monday obtained almost 2,000 comments and over 4,000 likes when a crocodile farm supplied meat from their large reptiles at 70 baht for kilogramme. With the price of hog hiked high to over 200 baht per kilogramme, persons are getting on board with buying a style for crocodile meat.
While thought-about a somewhat exotic meat, crocodile meat sticks can typically be found on food markets grills, especially in touristy areas, making it not utterly uncommon. Many say that it has an identical flavour to rooster even. And it’s a comparatively healthy meat, lean, and excessive in protein, making it a nutritious and reasonably priced option with the surging sow sum.
Other crocodile farms across the country, including one in the Greater Bangkok province of Nakhon Pathom, have indicated they are receiving elevated curiosity from customers in search of crocodile as a cheaper substitute for pork products.
The pattern may proceed if pork prices stay elevated or possibly surge even higher, pushing consumers to say, “see you subsequent time, expensive porcine.” And after a while… they’ll eat crocodile.
(Apologies for all the ham-fisted puns on this article. – Neill)

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