Gecko caught on camera stealing Covid medication from homeowner’s wall, resulting in lottery quantity inquiries

No problem -owner in Rayong, Thailand, was lately stunned to search out a large tokay gecko clinging to the wall and swinging a green medicine pouch, stirring up laughter and concern in the local community. This unusual incident was caught on video and was posted on social media by Nayika Silalarat, who then acquired numerous questions on the home number, as some people wished to use it as a lottery number.
Yesterday, at round midday, a reporter contacted Nayika, fifty five years old, through social media and visited her at 149/1 Moo 7, Chakrabok Subdistrict, Ban Khai District, Rayong Province. Inquiring about the origin of the clip, Nayika recounted that she had contracted COVID-19 but her symptoms have been mild, as she was vaccinated. She has since recovered. However, during her time at home, she heard an odd noise by the wall at around 5am on April 10. Curious, she woke up to locate the supply of the noise and discovered the gecko holding onto something.
Nayika did not pay a lot consideration to this initially however later realised that the thing being held by the gecko was the green drugs pouch given to her by a neighbour. Intrigued by the unusual event, she recorded the video and shared it on social media, garnering vital interest. Some people advised her to drive the gecko away, but feeling empathetic, she avoided doing so. Nayika also talked about that she didn’t concern the animal and determined to let it stay, noting that the gecko has since had over 10 offspring in her home.
Many individuals messaged Nayika asking for her home quantity, presumably hoping to use it as a lucky lottery number. In response, Nayika stated she would possibly strive her luck with the number 149 as nicely, hoping to share fortune and wealth with others who have been thinking about using it..

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