Pump and Abrasion Technologies (PABT) unveiled its new CURVE range of slurry pumps in September 2016. A prominent South African ferrochrome processing plant was among the first firms to adopt this new know-how by implementing a venture to vary all their pumps to the CURVE vary. The conversion venture commenced with the set up of the primary CURVE slurry pump on 1 November 2016 and since then, this pump’s performance has surpassed all expectations, while being carefully monitored to validate the actual performance of the CURVE slurry pumps in real-world functions and situations.
Innovative Features:
The CURVE S150 mannequin presents several progressive features that makes it an ideal candidate to fulfill the client’s operational needs. These options embody a one piece volute liner, fully profiled impeller vanes, adjustable throatbush, enhanced cutwater profile, and a clip-in suction joint. Sealing performance and life have been addressed by a bigger diameter expeller and high chrome shaft sleeve and lantern ring. The CURVE S150 also contains a discharge piece designed to remove the need to remove the discharge pipe throughout routine maintenance.
Operational Benefits:
The main profit in investing within the CURVE vary of slurry pumps is cost saving: Through using the most recent design and expertise, these slurry pumps are highly durable and thereby scale back the whole cost of ownership. Along with this, the CURVE slurry pumps boast a longer put on life cycle, are safer to work on and require much less upkeep.
When upkeep is completed, it has been reported to be easier and faster compared to previous slurry pumps. This is as a end result of inherent features of the CURVE range, for instance: The slurry pump’s encapsulated one-piece volute liner reduces opening and shutting time by 80%, eye bolts enable for protected removal of the casing, the casing assembly is a balanced load for safe dealing with, and as a end result of newly designed discharge piece – the discharge pipe no longer needs to be removed when opening.
The CURVE range of slurry pumps additionally reduces electrical energy consumption due to its environment friendly design where slurry flows via the pump in a more pure move sample. A uniform put on design implies that the hydraulic profile is maintained and efficiency stays ‘higher for longer’. Additional advantages that our prospects have reported with our slurry pumps include glorious sealing and zero choking.
Total Ownership Cost Reduced Significantly
There are numerous elements that contribute to a reduction within the complete possession price: Firstly, the pump’s adjustable suction liner maintains optimum clearances, thereby decreasing wear and bettering efficiency. There is also the one piece volute liner that improves the liner wear life. It has been proven time and time again that PABT’s design and engineering with the leading edge CURVE range is ready to outperform older technology pumps in the marketplace.
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