“People’s Constitution” to take down “Prayut regime” rejected by parliament

Parliament rejected a draft of the so-called “People’s Constitution,” a proposed laws to take down what Thais name the “Prayut regime” and scrap the 20 12 months nationwide strategy. A former Democrat candidate told Thai PBS World that “Prayut regime” basically permits the prime minister to control the Senate and other organisations mandated underneath the constitution.
The “People’s Constitution” draft was rejected by parliament yesterday, with 249 MPs and 224 senators voting towards it, while 203 MPs and three senators voted in favour. But the secretary general of the Progressive Movement and a non-party reincarnation of the now-defunct Future Forward party, urged the public not to lose hope.
Being a key proponent of the draft as well as monarchy reform, Piyabutr Saengkanokkul from the Progressive Movement says he hopes that the opposition MPs who voted in favor of the draft will include the constitution problem of their parties’ coverage platforms for the following election although the present Constitution was written to make amending the country’s supreme legislation a tough task.
He urged fellow reformers to maintain preventing for true democracy and never to give up their hope that the present Constitution might be altered one day, added that every one makes an attempt to vary the Constitution by the individuals, as offered by the charter, have been obstructed and have did not cross even their first readings in parliament.
Piyabutr, together with Parit Wacharasindhu, a pacesetter of the reformist group “Re-Solution”, appeared together in front of Parliament on Tuesday to defend the draft and pleaded members of the Thai parliament to be open-minded, claiming that the proposed laws is intended to dismantle the so-called “Prayut regime” that provides more energy to PM Prayut Chan-o-cha and substitute it with a fairer system that benefits all stakeholders.
Parit “Itim” Wacharasindhu, a significant supporter of the People’s Constitution draft, expressed disappointment that the amendments draft was rejected outright by government MPs and senators.
Improved claims that the reformists’ proposal doesn’t promote any drastic modifications to the present political construction and won’t drawback any political actors, adding that Parliament’s rejection was simply another try to “close the door” on any move to vary the present Constitution..

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