Too many wires: Prayut says he desires communication cables underground

Wires throughout Thailand’s city areas, haphazardly bunched and looped on posts, appear to be an electrician’s nightmare. Now, according to Thai media, PM Prayut Chan-o-cha says he desires that to change and is proposing that the National Telecommunications Commission work with relevant businesses to get communication traces underground.
Thai media points out that in actor Russell Crowe’s extremely publicised journey to Thailand to movie “Greatest Beer Run Ever” he made a submit on Twitter that sparked critical comments from netizens over Thailand’s chaotic wiring.
Crowe had made so many optimistic Tweets during his journey that he was dubbed by Thai media as the country’s “accidental ambassador.” But in a single photo he captioned “Bangkok dreaming” of the sky lined with wires, individuals shared their very own pictures of Thailand’s wiring, which had been much more cluttered and disorganised.
Economical drew a lot consideration that Thailand’s Metropolitan Electrical Authority checked if the wires have been underneath its jurisdiction and released a press release saying that the wires in Crowe’s photograph were communication lines, not electrical. The MEA went on to say that the authority is anxious about security and asked the public to report in the occasion that they see power strains which are broken or not in a secure condition..

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