Amnesty says Thailand’s makes an attempt to expel it should serve as a warning to other NGOs

The human rights organisation Amnesty International says the government’s attempts to kick it in another country should serve as a warning to other non-governmental organisations working in Thailand. Kyle Ward, Amnesty’s deputy secretary basic, says the requires expulsion can be linked to a brand new draft legislation that seeks to intensify scrutiny of NGOs working in Thailand. He says Amnesty International and several other other local and international NGOs oppose the measure.
“The focusing on of Amnesty is happening in opposition to a backdrop of a growing intolerance for human rights discourse amongst Thai authorities.”
Ward’s statement comes after the federal government permitted the draft law final month. Template is now gathering feedback from the common public before going to Cabinet for last approval. Seksakol Atthawong, a former member of the Red Shirts, now an aide in the Prime Minister’s Office, has been campaigning for the expulsion of Amnesty International from Thailand, claiming the organisation’s work is a threat to nationwide security.
The Bangkok Post stories that Seksakol plans to submit a petition to the National Security Council and the Interior Ministry this week. It’s understood the petition is looking for the human rights organisation to be expelled from Thailand. The petition has garnered 1.2 million signatures, primarily from royalists and others against Amnesty’s help of pro-democracy activists who are calling for reform of Thailand’s monarchy.
The calls for Amnesty to be expelled are believed to have arisen partially due to feedback made by the organisation after a Constitutional Court finding in November that ruled that 3 pro-democracy protest leaders had attempted to overthrow the monarchy.
In related news, overseas NGOs working in Thailand are required to resume their working licences each 2 years. Amnesty International’s licence expired on January 20 and its utility to renew is at present sitting with the Labour Ministry whereas officers determine whether or not or not to renew..

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