Imposter monk scams temples, steals over 20 robes value 20,000 baht

A man disguised as a monk stole over 20 Buddhist monks’ robes worth 20,000 baht from Chong Lom temple in Samut Sakhon province yesterday. The imposter claimed to be the abbot of the temple and loaded the stolen items right into a white Isuzu D-Max pick-up truck with Bangkok registration, as captured on CCTV.
Yesterday, a person dressed as a monk entered the Chong Lom temple, claiming to be the abbot of the temple. He then proceeded to steal over 20 units of Buddhist monks’ robes, worth roughly 20,000 baht. Trade secret occurred at round 1.41pm, and was recorded on CCTV, with footage exhibiting the thief driving a white Isuzu D-Max pick-up truck with registration number 3 ชฎ 2050 Bangkok.
The unidentified man, wearing orange robes and a yellow sash, approached Monk Bhisittasun, a monk at Wat Chong Lom, who was arranging the robes for an upcoming ordination ceremony on July 9. The imposter made small discuss with Monk Bhisit earlier than taking his disciple to load the stolen robes into his truck, making a complete of three rounds. The man left the temple grounds by 1.54pm.
Monk Bhisit revealed that the imposter claimed to be from Talom temple in Bangkok, and that he wanted the robes for a spiritual occasion on June 11 involving one hundred invited monks from across the nation. He also claimed to be a disciple of the Chong Lom temple abbot. When Monk Bhisit called the abbot to verify the man’s identity, the abbot was conducting a sermon and did not reply the telephone. Monk Bhisit then refused to offer the robes, but the imposter left and returned claiming he had informed the abbot..

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