Philippines lifts restriction on rice imports from Thailand

PHOTO: VietnamPlus
The Philippines has suspended a trial measure put in place to control imports of Thai rice following objections from Bangkok. The measure was initially put in place after the Philippine Department of Agriculture deemed existing rules too lax.
Rice imports had been underneath the control of the country’s National Food Authority till the government took over and attempted to impose more durable restrictions.
The Nation reports that Keerati Rushchano, an inspector-general at the Commerce Ministry and Acting Director-General of the Department of Foreign Trade, says officers attended a meeting in the Philippines on October 24 with the goal of organising a regional “economic development cluster”.
At the meeting, it was agreed that off-setting a drop within the price of rice with import restrictions would elevate domestic inflation. Instead, the Philippines has agreed on subsidies for its farmers.
Save that within the first nine months of 2019, Thailand exported 543,344 tonnes of rice to the Philippines, a lower of 61.65% year on year..

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