Transport minister says Suvarnabhumi Airport growth will begin in July

Plans to increase Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi Airport will kick off in July, in accordance with Transport Minister Saksayam Chidchob. The so-called East Expansion venture is predicted to take around 2 and a half years to complete, at a cost of 7.8 billion baht. The venture will start in July with a bidding process to appoint a contractor.
The plans have already been permitted by Cabinet, Airports of Thailand (who handle the airport), and a government committee on capacity enhancement at Suvarnabhumi, based on a Bangkok Post report. Once full and opened in March 2025, the newly expanded space will mean Suvarnabhumi can handle as much as 65 million passengers a 12 months. Current capability is at 45 million. Saksayam says the 44% improve corresponds with predictions for passenger numbers in 2025.
Meanwhile, duty-free large King Power has set aside an space for the growth venture on the second floor of Suvarnabhumi’s Food Stop. Speaking to the Bangkok Post, Kerati Kijmanawat from AoT says the project is anticipated to use up 66,000 sq. metres of area, housing 108 additional check-in desks, 6 baggage conveyors, and 9 safety checkpoints.
Saksayam says the International Civil Aviation Organisation has provided recommendation on the airport’s enlargement after studying the venture. The minister says the ICAO’s findings shall be studied, together with these submitted by the International Air Transport Association, with an emphasis on future expansion on the western and northern sides of Suvarnabhumi.
The Bangkok Post stories that IATA predicts that by 2024, Suvarnabhumi will be handling 65 million passengers a 12 months, related figures to those recorded earlier than the Covid-19 pandemic. Saksayam says IATA has recommended that the airport increase so as to improve capacity for managing the expected progress in numbers.
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